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As I see it, the basis of life for most Filipinos - specifically the balikbayan or the OFWs - vacillates between the reality of home and abroad, here and elsewhere, exile and return. To borrow a term from the poet Li-Young Lee, these 'Immigrant Blues' are the ley lines of my photographic work and their themes.

As a Filipino-American, my approach naturally emerges from that attenuated subject position. I am currently creating photographs through the intersection of digital and alternative analogue techniques to report the news while concurrently reconstituting it to allow for a more self-reflexive gaze in which photographer, subject, and audience member are made cognizant of the complex ways in which we all reproduce and consume documentary imagery.

Human connection and empathy remain important parts of my practice in the field, but for the past several years I have questioned, through my work, the efficacy of still imagery and the veracity of the social documentary genre as a mnemonic device and a mode of representation while reporting on contemporary issues. 

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