The following stories form an ongoing attempt at documenting contemporary Asian & Pacific Islander immigrant and resettled refugee communities in the United States. 

Despite the USA being both my place of residence and birthplace, my work for over a decade had focused previously and exclusively on my relationship to the Philippines culminating with this piece in The New York Times.  

In 2020, I reflected on my prior work as part of an online panel discussion for Ateneo Art Gallery's 60th anniversary celebration and its corresponding photography exhibition, Not Visual Noise, which can be viewed here.

This recent turn towards documenting communities outside of my own comes at a time where it feels absolutely necessary to depict the nuances within the panoply of AAPI experiences and histories, while also thinking about intersections. 

Having seen my late father's struggles in the suburbs of New Jersey, I often wonder about the sacrifices he made moving to the USA, what he bought into, what he got in return, and what was taken away. 

I am using these personal recollections as the ley lines guiding me through adjacent, but unfamiliar cultures.

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